ABC Juice Benefits

What is the best juice?

Is it Apple, Beet, Carrot? or Apple, Beet, Cabbage? or Apple, Beet, Celery?
In fact, the ABC’s of juice is Always Be Changing! Variety is the key to optimal health.

Back in the middle ages, life expectancy was around 30 years – excluding those that succumed to a disease that plagued a certain region, or those that didn’t make it past childhood. How have we managed to increase life expectancy? Through variety. Due to accessibility and the shrinking world, we now have more food variety available to us. More vitamins, minerals and overall nutrition. So instead of living a life of meat and potatoes, we can have a huge array and assortment of food to feed our cells and nourish our bodies.

Those of us that change it up, live longer and have more active lives. Variety is essential to preparing our bodies to combat ailments caused by bacteria and viruses by promoting a diverse micro gut flora.

That goes for Juice too. Even celery juice. If you continue to drink the same thing repeatedly, it becomes less effective. Your body will stop absorbing nutrients that are in surplus. So feed your body variety. Always Be Changing!

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