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“The miracle isn’t that you finished, the miracle is that you had the courage to start.” John Bingham

Juice Cleanse – You may have heard the term “juice fast”, but this is something quite different. It’s called “Juice Feasting” and it involves drinking large quantities of plant-based Raw Green Juices.

Juice Feasting is where you replace all of your meals with freshly-made vegetable and fruit juices. There’s no deprivation, no fasting and no starvation. You drink 3 to 4 liters unlimited fresh organic delicious fruit and vegetable Raw juices. During a Juice Feast you turn off your digestion, sending it on a vacation, and allowing your body to heal itself on a cellular level.

By not eating solid foods for a period of time allows the body to conserve its energy and utilize it to heal your body from inside out, at the base of the problem, NOT just the symptom! By feasting your body with live organic cold pressed juices you are cleansing all your cells, tissues, organs, circulatory system, digestive system, endocrine system, immune system, lymphatic system, muscular system, reproductive system, respiratory system, nervous system and the blood. One of the most important results of giving your cells a healthy dose of fresh raw Organic cold pressed juices is that it will help to maintain the pH balance (potential hydrogen) of your body. 1 to 14 is the range of the pH scale, 1 being extremely acidic and 14 being extremely alkaline. The ideal pH level is slightly alkaline, between 7 and 7.5. Too often our cells become too acidic, and the more that this happens the less able they are to transport oxygen throughout our bodies. Our environment and the foods we eat we contribute to much acid, making it difficult to maintain a healthy pH.

Most people go into a juice feasting cleanse anticipating it will help them lose weight, increase their energy, look and feel vibrant and enhance their health. Some will juice to support them in deep healing as they recover from , heart attacks, cancer or go through intensive treatments. Others will do Juice Cleanse to reset their metabolism allowing their body to absorb nutrients efficiently. Whatever ideas or expectations you had when you start juice feasting, as you get into doing it you soon discover those were just the beginning of a healing and transformation process that is more massive than you could have imagined. Headaches, migraines, Cancer, Diabetes, low/high blood pressure, overactive or under active thyroid, heart attack, stroke, Attention Deficit Disorder ADD, stress, fat loss, hair loss, bad skin, eczema, skin condition, allergies, infertility, fibroid and cysts. Juice feasting will help detoxify and heal your body in ways you have never imagined or dreamed of. The number 1 cause of all minor and major illnesses today is due to us being overfed, undernourished, living inactive lifestyles, lacking oxygen, too much stress and lack of good quality sleep.

When you are on our juice cleanse you are not starving your body of any nutrients. Truth Be told, its actually the opposite. Your body is getting more nutrition than it probably ever received in its life. Its very concentrated form of nutrients that allows your body to absorb them all efficiently. You wouldn’t be able to eat the amount of fruits and vegetables that you would be consuming on our juice feast. It’s just too much to chew and swallow. Juicing breaks down the fibers in vegetables and fruit, making it easier for our body to absorb all the nutrients in the Raw Juice. What would take 40 to 55 minutes to absorb if eaten whole, with Raw juice its absorbed within 10 minutes.

We at Raw Juice Guru believe that there there is no cookie cutter program for you. The juice feasting cleanse is tailored and customized to your needs, ailments, concerns and goals from 900 raw juices. For those cleansing for the first or for those you have cleansed before, for brides or grooms to be, for pre or post pregnancy, for athletes, for a special event, for those suffering from an ailment, imbalance, pain or condition, starting this is a good first step. Incorporating Juicing in your life for the long term is your best preventative medicine. Food is THY medicine.

We have over 900 Raw Juice Recipes that we choose from, variety is the spice of life, and the combination will be uniquely suited just for you. You will get the most benefit from changing the juices daily hitting every cell and organ, allowing it to clean out all the buildup sludge and toxins. We Rotate your fruit/vegetable juices intake Daily to maintain and promote optimum health since our bodies need adequate amounts of Essential amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals, live Enzymes, Essential fatty acids, Carbohydrates, Fiber, Water. We nourish you sufficiently, constantly, and we vary it daily for you in order to help accelerate and enhance the process of restoring nutrients to your nutrient-starved tissues.

We use local ontario produce from our very own Organic Farm, and if we are unable to we get local ingredients that are 100 % certified Organic. Non organic/conventional fruits and vegetables have lots of pesticides, fungicides, toxins and chemicals which are all extremely toxic, very carcinogenic and defeat the purpose of the juices cleansing, nourishing and healing properties. Remember the vegetables already absorbed most of the chemicals and sprays while it was growing in the soil and will have traces of it within the vegetables itself. Also another major point to remember Organic produce have more nutrients in them than conventional fruits and vegetables. Pesticides are known to be toxic to the nervous system, cause cancer, disrupt hormones and cause brain damage in children. Pregnant women are advised to avoid foods containing pesticides.

We use hydraulic Cold Press Juicer, which provides more nutrients and less oxygenation than any juicer out there. The cold pressed Juicer Produces 50-100% more juice than other juicers, producing l paper dust like pulp. Its Better tasting juice with no oxidation. Oxidation is the interaction between oxygen molecules and all the different substances they may contact, making a freshly cut apple turn brown.

We at Raw Juice Guru produce raw cold pressed Juices that are unpasteurized with the highest levels of enzyme activity. Our Raw juices continue to be fresh and drinkable on day Seven, but over time the live enzymes gradually begin to break down. However, we are committed to providing nutritious raw juices that taste amazing and are packed with living enzymes the body needs to thrive, Detox and Heal. So we do deliver Daily for our Juice cleansers.

Our Organic Cold Pressed Juice cleanse your body and mind on a cellular level. Giving your digestion a break, so all your cells can heal and detoxify all the toxins and waste stored in your body. All the preparation is done by us, all you have to do is sit back drink and allow your body to detoxify and repair itself. You can go about your everyday life, workout, go to work, play with your children, study and so on. There is no task you wont be able to do when juice feasting. We are feasting your body with nutrients and enzymes.

You will get Daily 6-8 16oz (500ml) Organic Cold Pressed Juices in Glass Bottles, plus 2 tonic/elixir 1-2oz, and a detoxifying Tea. We bottle our Raw Juices in Glass Bottles to further protect you and our planet. Delivered to your door/office/Hotel between 4am and 9am daily .

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