I did my first Raw Juice Guru cleanse two years ago

and it actually prompted a massive diet change for me. I slowly
re-introduced foods after the cleanse and felt terrible when I brought
gluten back in. Since then, I’ve been eating gluten-free and have learned a
lot about how my old eating habits were constantly making me feel slow,
bloated, and sick. Since then, I’ve done a few other cleanses and didn’t
enjoy them as much and I’ve gone back to Raw Juice Guru.
Jamie-Leigh, 2015

The Cleanse was awesome. I will do it again in few months. The juice was ahhhmazing and the food is awesome.
Taylor Kaye, 2015

All I have to say is 3 words: They are phenomenal. THE END
Claire, 2014

How can you say no to a cleanse that was designed for you. Its like saying no to personal trainer designing a workout just for you. Ordered 7 day cleanse and I was very surprised how my juices changed daily. To show you how much I love Raw Juice Guru, I ordered 5 times now.
Katharine, 2014

ordered from the raw food meal delivery. The raw food was simply exceptional. The portions were huge it was a surprise I appreciated.
Suzy, 2014

They are fast in replying to emails, they are super friendly and helpful, they deliver at the times I stated, the Raw juices tasted fantastic, Juices are tailored for me and they change daily AWESOME, they use glass bottles, they actually use coolers and icepacks, DID I MENTION THE JUICES TASTE FANTASTIC. I think you all know what I think of Raw Juice Guru
Doni, Toronto September 2013

I just wanted to write and express what a good experience I had doing a 4
day raw juice feast (cleanse). I was amazed that I didn’t feel hungry and
the juices tasted good (okay the wheat grass shots were challenging). I
did the cleanse for health reasons not for weight-loss but I was
pleasantly surprised that I lost 7 pounds which hasn’t come back in the 2
weeks post cleanse. I felt so good after the cleanse, the biggest thing
is I don’t feel the extreme fatigue I had been experiencing for months. I feel challenged to eat better and be more aware of how my food is making
me feel. Thank-you for your valuable service.
Manetta, Toronto September 2013

Thanks again for allowing me to take part in your fantastic tailored juice cleanse. I loved every second of it. I even lost 7lbs if you can imagine that! I’m very impressed
Erin M, Toronto, Ontario August 2013

I didn’t even notice I was on a cleanse! Super easy, with zero headaches.
Christine G, Whitby Ontario August 2013

Joe Cross from the Documentary “Fat sick and nearly Dead” enjoying our Raw Juice Delivery when in Toronto. Make sure to check out his documentary and follow his amazing Journey. His Story is like many out there, let him inspire you to change within. Its one small step after another but we all can do it. http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/
Joe Cross, Australia June 2013

A pleasure as always to do a Juice Cleanse, but this stood out from the Rest. I am from New York and have done many here, but this experience was unlike the rest and loved the different Juices. Hard to get bored when the juices changed.
May, New York May 2013

The Juice cleanse was great! Me, My husband and daughter all did it togather. Would definitely recommend this experience! We ‘re actually amazed that we did it!! Feel proud.
Katie, Aurora May 2013

Cleanse was good. Took me time to get you used to the green juices but I felt amazing after drinking it and I couldn’t get over how much more I can do in the day. Great way to start the year.
Matt, Kitchener

Educated, smart, supportive, Kind, Understanding are just a few words that I would use to describe Eliane and the Team at Raw Juice Guru. The amazing drive who always had my juices delivered at 5am, yes you heard me 5am. This was my 4th doing a Juice cleanse, but first time with Raw Juice Guru and I am hooked. I have never tasted juices like these. Loved the variety and how the juices changed daily, loved that it was customized and they were so accommodating. Highly recommend it to anyone.
Rosaline, Etobicoke

I Definitely recommend Raw Juice Guru. I’ve experienced huge positive health benefits from their juice feast and I recommend it to my friends and clients!
Kevin, Toronto

Loving the juice cleanse!! I have not craved coffee since starting nor have I gotten a headache from not having caffeine. Amazing. Dropped 6 lbs by day 2 and only did 3 day juice feasting cleanse. Full of energy and just overall feeling fantastic. Been raving about it to everyone. Love that its customized and tailored for me, and that the juices changes daily.
Laurie, Ottawa

Where does one begin to talk about Raw Juice Guru? Completed my 21 day Cleanse, it was a combination of Juice feasting cleanses and Raw food Cleanse. I began with 3 day Juice cleanse, followed by 4 days Raw Food, and then repeated it for 3 weeks. I wasnt sure if I would be able to do 21 straight days of Juice cleanse, even though my body needed it to get stronger from the Radiation I had completed. Eliane and Kyla suggested I do the mix i mentioned above and I am glad they did. It was hard in the beginning and it got easier and easier. They are so helpful and guide you and for alot of the times your support system. I am happy to say that I met 2 amazing women that I am happy to call friends, after being stuck with me for 21 days.
Anna , Mississauga


“YAY 10 days of Juice cleanse done, I am so proud of myself, what a journey. The 10 day online Juice cleanse was phenomenal. Thanks Eliane and Raw Juice Guru for taking me on this journey. It’s been a real eye opener. I feel calm, my skin is clear, my weight went down 8 lbs, and I’m going to continue to enjoy a juice at least once a day. Cheers”
Laurie, Vancouver

I had a long conversation with Eliane prior to the 3-day cleanse about whether I would be able to get through it, and she assured me that it was definitely possible, and that I would feel a thousand times better afterwords. She was so right. Despite my expectations, I thoroughly enjoyed every single juice, and after only 3 days, I felt amazing. I felt cleaner, lighter, and refreshed. I would definitely recommend Raw Juice Guru to anybody interested in a cleanse! Thanks Eliane!
Rebecca R, Toronto

“I completed my 3-day juice feast and I feel fantastic! When I spoke to Eliane initially, I was concerned about skin breakouts, a variety of digestive problems and just wanted to detox after a busy summer and Toronto event season. After completing my cleanse, my skin is glowing, my stomach problems have been corrected and I’m
feeling great. The juices were so delicious – even the ones that I thought I would hate. Thanks so much, Eliane!”
Jessica Denomme http://flatsareforquitters.com

Feeling pretty good. The three days on the cleanse were not as difficult as I thought they’d be. I would like to do this again in a couple months. Overall, I’m very happy with the results of my first juice cleanse. Thank you, For a wonderful experience
Carmine P, Toronto

“Our 3 day #detox juice cleanse is all done! 10lbs lost. Bloating so much better. Feeling pretty darn good. Much better results than from other juice cleanses. And it has been surprisingly easy: not really hungry, juice is tasty, feel less bloated.”

“I lost 12 lbs on the 5 day, thought it was water weight but it never came back. Awesome experience. Even Got a juicer and now trying to follow a raw vegan/vegan lifestyle, and try to juice at least once a day”
Andy, Aurora

“I’ll say this: Within 24 hrs of starting @RawJuiceGuru, all my God-awful cold and ragweed allergy symptoms have disappeared.”
Sabrina Maddeaux,Toronto Standard

“after completing the 10 days online Juice feast cleanse with Raw Juice Guru, I lost 15 pounds, I walked almost every day about 4 miles. I am feeling great, A lot of energy, I will pick out the ones I like the best and still juice at least once a day. Most important is not to go back to eating all that bad food you see on TV everyday. This is a LIFE changer!”
Harold, California

“I really enjoyed giving my body a reset and I found the juices and raw food tasty. I did lose about two pounds on my raw juice & food cleanse, but I felt that it was part of my larger journey of exercising and eating well. If you’re looking for a
kick-start to get your health back on track and are new to cleansing – I recommend the combo route that I took.”
Lisa Ng, Editor-in-Chief, The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide

Mike Chalut ?@mikechalut
A big kiss to @RawJuiceGuru lost 11 pounds – gallons of toxins – #calm #glow #focused #lifechanging #thankyou! 7 day cleanse!
Mike Chalut, Proud Fm

I completed my 3 day juice cleanse. Going into it, I was worried that the juices were going to taste too “green” and be difficult to drink but they were actually delicious! On the 4th day I was craving more juices and was actually sad that the cleanse was ending. I’m still ordering these yummy juices and they will become part of my normal diet. The team at Raw Juice Guru are truly professional and they took the time to ensure that the juices were specifically tailored to me.
Mary, Toronto

“Thank you so much for the Juice Feast preparation and the Raw Food Cleanse, I did 13 days in total. 10 days Juice Cleanse and 3 days Raw food. I’ve really enjoyed it and feel lighter and more energetic than I ever have! The variety of juices, the food, the elixirs, the service all superb and simply divine. My kids even loved the Juices, so we are purchasing a juicer now. I’ve been truly blessed to have come across this company and am happy that I chose to do the juice feast, it has helped put me on the road that I want myself and even my family on! Many thanks to Eliane and The Raw Juice Guru team!
Elayne A, Pickering

“I recently did the 3 day juice feast from the RawJuiceGuru and it was awesome. Everyday was different and all the juices tasted great. I actually eat pretty well, but had always wanted to make fresh juices a part of my daily nutrition plan. During and after the 3 day ‘feast’ I felt great. I felt lighter, stronger, and was
able to focus better too. I play competitive soccer and on the 3rd day of RJG program I had so much energy and played one of my best games I’ve ever played. I highly recommend Eliane and her juicing program. She is an inspiration. I now make my own juice everyday! And I recommend her to my friends, family and clients.”
Kevin Wride, Shiatsu Practitioner, Toronto

“Eliane is the exact type of person you want to meet personable, passionate, and dedicated.” Her results oriented juice feast and cleansing programs are designed to target the individual needs of her clients. In my case I wanted a natural way of cleansing my body of refined foods that left me feeling bloated and sick. My initial 3 day cleanse left me feeling energetic and more focused and helped limit my cravings for salty and sugar based foods namely the evil double arches. Bravo Eliane!!!”
Tony Tulk, http://www.somasleep.ca/

I had the pleasure to try the 10 day juice feast and I really liked it. At first I was worried that I would go hungry, but after the first day I was rest assured that would not happen! (There are a lot of juices for you to drink)! I did not experience any hunger and by the 3rd day I could definitely notice a change in my digestion (for the better). I was very pleasantly surprised with my discovery!!! I felt vibrant and clear minded throughout the day, including after 5pm driving back home from work and going to a job interview after work!!! I had many people at work asking me what I was drinking and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to tell people about juice feasting. Some were curious and interested, others not so much. Either way great conversations emerged from that, and I think that’s important too. Having it delivered to me was incredibly convenient and easy. I also really enjoyed learning about the healing properties of each juice that I was drinking. I had a positive experience with juice feasting and would both recommend it and do it again in the future.
Paula (Mississauga, Ontario)

One word to describe my experience would be AMAZING. The staff was a pleasure, my concerns and my emails were answered right away. No matter how early I wake up, the cooler is always outside my door. The Juices were delicious and they changed daily which I absolutely loved. What I loved the most was that this cleanse was for me, they tailored the Juice cleanse to improve my issues and my concerns towards my health. I started off doing the cleanse for 3 days then I extended it to 10 days. I recommend this for everyone and anyone. Have done other Detoxes and Juice cleanses, They are all Generic. This is far from Generic. Its One of a kind program that was made for me. Results, without going into great detail, It helped my condition more than I ever thought it would. I am no longer tired or runned down. I have more energy, my skin is glowing. The best part “I CAN SEE MY ABS” Happy Happy.
Veronica (Toronto, Ontario)

FINALLY A JUICE CLEANSE THAT IS NOT GENERIC, someone out there was listening to my prayers. I met Raw Juice Guru at the Raw Vegan Festival, instantly was impressed. Eliane was a pleasure to talk to, she knew everything about my problem and was very helpful and eager to get me started. Did 14 day of Juice Feast, and I am happy to say that it helped me recover beautifully from my Chemo and radiation treatments. Eliane is professional and sheuamazes me, no matter what I email her she always gets back to me, always so ready to help with advice/information. I am sure she wanted to kill me throughout the cleanse I was constantly harassing her lol, I wish I met her before I did Chemo and radiation. From the bottom of my heart Thank you Eliane for all the times you calmed me down, gave me advice, talked on the phone about my worries and concerns. You are one of a kind, a TRUE HEALER.
Jess (Oakville, Ontario)