Detox Symptoms

” Start the healing of decades of unwanted health challenges/disease and excess weight of bloating and built up intestines”

Benefits include most importantly a better functioning of the cleansed organs. Why cause they will be flushed out making them perform their functions much more effectively. For instance, the kidneys can excrete toxic waste that build up better. The bowels likewise. The liver will be able to break down and metabolize toxins that we come across in every day life so much more efficiently.

Some other advantages and benefits from Juice Feasting:

No more waking with a headache

No cravings (sugar, salt etc)

Glowing- people told they look younger and happier

Waking more refreshed

Clearer Thoughts, Better Focus

Having So much Energy and No crash feeling

Not needing 20 cups of caffeine to kick start your morning

Less irritable, especially in the mornings

Better sleep pattern and less waking in the night

Less sweating during the night

Improved regular bowel functions

Less offensive smelling bowel functions

More regular and easier menstrual cycle (cause you are balancing your horomones)

Less low blood sugar episodes (diabetic and non-diabetic)

Improvement in other physical challenges

Exercising with more energy, being able to lift heavier weight

Glowing skin and hair

Energy , Energy, Energy

And all of these benefits do not even include the ones that happen “behind the scenes” that we are not aware of; the improvement in the many other silent metabolic functions that the liver and kidneys, or other organs do automatically without us ever knowing anything (until it goes wrong of course)

Detox Symptoms when doing Juice Feasting?

Yes there may be a few slight gentle detox symptoms things that you notice for a few days but none of it should be severe.

Juice feasting is about getting your body to tone and cleanse itself of accumulated toxins, chemicals and other pollutants that we all accumulate in our every day lives and through our eating style, so there are bound to be some detox symptoms. Some experience nothing while others do, it all varies on how toxic your body is. We need to balance its ph. Take it from acidic to neutral.

Your body will need to find a route to let these substances out and it will choose the easiest route for it to do so. This is what Mother Nature does. Whatever the body is doing, or what detox symptoms it is producing, this is the easiest and safest it can do at that point in time – ALWAYS.

But since we are all different, with different genetics, strengths, weaknesses, medical history, envirnmental and life circumstances etc the route it chooses may be not the same elimination path for me as for you. This difference in route it may choose to get rid of the toxins is one of the reasons we may experience completely different detox symptoms to the next person.

Most common Juice Feasting symptoms you may notice as your body gets rid of the toxins:

Waking feeling like you are “hung over” for a while

Waking up with a headache

Waking up and feeling tired

Some get acne

Grumpy and irritability, especially in the mornings

Increased frequency and quantity of bowel movements and somtimes none at all, thats when an enema should be done.

Increased quantity and/or frequency of urination

Increased quantity of urine produced

Increased frequency of needing to pass urine

Initially more smell from both urine and faeces

Initially changes in colour/consistencymore of both urine and faeces. Often stool may be loose for a few days though this is rarely to the point that is a problem

More sweating for a few days as sweat can be a route to excretion of toxins.

Spotty skin and pimples for a few days as the skin begins to detox itself.

Increase in catarrh production for a few days though this is not a cold in the true sense of the word and so you should not be ill or have a fever usually.

Women may notice the next menstrual cycle is a little heavier or lasts a little longer than is normal

The clour of the flow may differ also but usually by the next cycle this will revert to whatever is normal for you. less painful and less profuse menstraution.

You should be aware however that many people sail through a body detox and do not notice any of the above. They just reap the benefits afterwards.

If you are one of the ones who are observant enough to notice these things, then you will be glad to know that none of this will make you feel sick or ill. You will just observe the temporary changes as your system cleans itself but life carries on as usual.