Stock Your Guru Fridge-MonthlyPackages

This is for you if you want to keep your fridge stocked daily with organic cold pressed raw green juices.
Your Daily dose of mineral, vitamins and live enzymes awaits you. Keep your body cleansed and working efficiently daily.

Juice Guru Fridge P1

New Beginning, 6 Raw juices a week for 4 weeks is a great way to supplement your semi-un-disciplined life style. You will be addicted you wait and see.

24 glass bottles 16oz juices For 4 Weeks – $230

Juice Guru Fridge P2

Now that you are addictes are you ready for some more potency? This addiction will be your best so far, you will reap all the benefits. 8 cold-press organic Raw juices a week will change your life from the inside out,

32 glass bottles 16oz juices for 4 weeks –$290

Juice Guru Fridge P3

Your Body wants more, 12 cold pressed organic Juice a week is the thing it craves. Wait till you experience more energy, your workouts will be stronger, you will be more efficient at work. Your skin will be glowing, you will feel more alive and happy.

48 Glass Bottles 16oz for 4 weeks- $410

Juice Guru Fridge P4
You are a Juice Fanatic and love the feeling it gives you by having a variety of Raw Juices in your fridge. 16 cold pressed organic Juices a week will be delivered to you. Will Nourish you and your family and friends, if you want to share. If you are a family, let us know we can tailor the juices for your little ones and teenagers as well.

64 glass bottles 16oz Juices For 4 weeks – $540

Juice Guru Family Fridge P5

You want the best for you and your family, and believe me this is it. Your kids and spouse will love it till the last drop, Believe us. You will recieve 32 Juices a week for you and family. You will all have more energy, and have so much amazing antioxidants and Nutrients.

128 glass bottles 16oz Juices For 4 Weeks– $1100

Delivery Charges:
Depending on where you live there might be delivery charges. Please inquire before purchasing about delivery charges to your area. Monthly packages receive 4 deliveries, make sure when you check out you change amount to 4. We can also deliver it into 2 orders as well if you wish.

Delivery Charges