Introducing: Commodity Pricing

Buy with confidence knowing you will always receive the highest quality at fair market prices.
We recently increased prices due to the market value of commodities that we use to provide juices to your door. These include gas, produce and the Canadian dollar.

Whereas some companies may reduce cost at the expense of product integrity, we promise to always deliver the best product without compromise. This can occur in 1 of 2 ways. Either we overcharge to compensate for unforeseen fluctuations in price, which is unfair to you our loyal customer, or allow for real time adjustments to prices that reflect current market value.

With recent upgrades to our website we can now do exactly that – offer commodity pricing in real time.
Within any given year prices may fluctuate 1 to 2% per month in either direction. Those on subscription will not be affected by the monthly fluctuation but will instead incur a price adjustment annually.

The base value is the price we set back in 2011 when the Canadian dollar was at par with the US dollar, and gas was unaffected by the Carbon Tax. These two factors have a direct impact on produce prices. We will also reduce prices from the current base + commodity index, if the market prices for gas and produce fall.

Thank you for taking the time to read our explanation.
Happy Juicing!