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Ingredients: banana, coconut milk, sunflower seeds, pineapple, Blue Majik(TM)

Organic NonGMO local ingredients.
Our smoothies are coldpressed (not blended) to preserve nutrient vitality.
Overflow filled to mitigate oxidation.
Made fresh to order and delivered on the day made.



Our products are not stored. Each day we make fresh products based on pre-orders. You cannot buy our products in stores. Even our own locations are production facilities with no retail store. Read more about our process here.

We use glass bottles to prevent chemical leaching. We collect the glass bottles with each subsequent delivery or at the end of your program, to reduce depletion of sand from our planet and beaches.

Our bottles are thoroughly sanitized using our 4 step wash process. The bottles are manually brush scrubbed (pre-wash) before they are washed, rinsed and finally sanitized using industrial ware washing equipment.

Each bottle is individually hand crafted from single strength (100% pure) ingredients – masterfully combined based on each persons unique palate, health goals and food sensitivities.

You may notice the ingredients are layered and various colours are splattered between the lid and the mouth or on the inside surface of the bottle. We call this juice art! It is a direct result of our bottling and overflow filling processes. That’s how you know it was made just for you. Please shake the bottle to mix the ingredients prior to consuming.

Following Bottling, our products are hydro-cooled in an ice water rinse to reduce the core temperature and retard nutrient depletion.

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Individual (1), Pack (4)


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