Nine Alkaline Foods To Add for Optimal Health

Our bodies need to have a balanced pH so that our health is at an optimal level. However, when one’s balance is disrupted by consuming excessive amounts of acidic foods, the risk of serious health problems like inflammation, toxic deposits, poor immunity, and vulnerable organs is much higher. This being said, we decided to share a list with the 9 best alkaline foods to restore the balance in your body and preserve your well-being.

9 Alkaline Foods To Add:


Almonds are abundant in nutrients and essential fatty acids. They are beneficial for the hair, skin, brain, and muscle mass as well. They are so potent that they can help you decrease the bad cholesterol levels and trigger a successful weight loss.


This delicious veggie is a natural diuretic that can hydrate the whole body and balance the pH by removing all toxins stored in the body. Fresh cucumber juice was found highly beneficial in the elimination of surplus uric acid too.


This cruciferous veggie will supply the body with crucial nutrients like forage and magnesium that will keep the digestive system, immunity, and alkalinity balanced. What’s more, as it is rich in fiber, this vegetable can avert specific cancer types.

Plum tomatoes

They are abundant in vitamins A, C, and E and water are highly beneficial against skin disorders. They will also regulate the calories and cleanse the urinary tract of all infections and resolve any bladder problems.


This tasty fruit contains compounds that are known to stimulate the metabolism, control the weight, and expel any surplus body fat. It is low on sugar and though it has an acidic taste, it is an alkaline fruit.


This citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C and it has the power to remove all toxins and bad bacteria from the urinary tract.


This is the best fruit for a proper detox of the digestive system and the restoration of the pH balance in the body. They are also great allies in the weight loss process and though they have an acidic taste, they are alkaline in nature and have the ability to regulate the sugar levels in the blood.


This herb contains vitamins K and C, iron, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients assist the body’s detoxification processes and lower the acid levels in the blood. It is also beneficial for the removal and dissolving of kidney stones.


They have a lot of water, beta-carotene, vitamin B, and important phytochemicals that assist the body in the fight against accumulated toxins. What’s more, when consumed regularly, this fruit will trigger the production of white blood cells and support the pH balance.

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